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Hello!  I hope your autumn is progressing well. I am enjoying the deepening autumn colours and the slightly melancholy, reflective pleasure of walking on wet, leaf strewn footpaths as we inevitably edge towards winter.


Hello! September has come and gone already – with some gorgeous autumn leaves about – but also, as we enter October, there’s been some oddly warm weather as we experience the tail end of hurricanes which have devastated other parts of the globe.

By Chad Sparkes from Kissimmee,Florida, United States - Beautiful Day For A Stroll, CC BY 2.0,

Celebration, Florida

Wherever you may travel around the world, chances are that you are never too far away from a place that has been influenced by the principles of Ebenezer Howard and the Garden City Movement.

Hello! Welcome to my combined July and August blog from the International Garden Cities Institute. I hope you have enjoyed the holiday season, and perhaps like me you are just back at work and picking up all the threads (which includes dealing with a lot of email and trying to remember all the things you said you’d do before you went away on leave)
New Earswick Master Plan

A group of Trustees and members of staff recently attended a visit to the Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust (JRHT) in York.  Staff of the JRHT kindly gave up their time to show us both old and new examples of developments undertaken by the Trust, wh


I thought this month I might be looking at the wash up from the general election – the result of a hung parliament was surprising enough but seems in some ways to have been overtaken by other events.


Well not just Spring but election season is upon us - rather unexpectedly - and has added a surprise element to April’s work at the International Garden Cities Institute.


Hello! I do hope you all had a good March despite the rather turbulent times. The spring flowers seem to have arrived – and the daffodils and jonquils are always a cheering sight. A few warmer days really do lift the spirits – and increase the Vitamin D intake too.


Hello!  I think it would be fair to say that February’s weather has been for the most part a rather cold, wet, grey and windy affair but perhaps the glimpses of sunshine and early flowers peeking out – those first fugitive signs of spring now in evidence – will make further changes in the season


Hello all and Happy New Year! Despite the wintry weather – with cold and snow really making winter bite, it’s been a productive January at the International Garden City Institute.

David Ames, Head of the International Garden Cities Institute

David Ames is Head of the International Garden Cities Institute. He tells us about his recent trip to China to speak about how Garden City Principles can apply to new developments in the world’s most populated country.