Letchworth Garden City

About Us

What is a garden city? Beautiful parks and gardens and leafy avenues are important but the social and financial model is also key to Garden Cities' success. Find out more about the extra public services, community investment and key principles behind Letchworth Garden City's enduring popularity.

The International Garden Cities Institute brings together knowledge on the hundreds of Garden Cities and planned settlements across the world to act as a resource centre, sharing information and exploring their historic legacy and contemporary practice.

It commissions research on all facets of creating successful new settlements, including cultural and community aspects, master planning, building technologies, stewardship and financial models.

Through critical analysis, the Institute aims to promote a better understanding of modern Garden City Principles and assist in advocating Garden Cities as part of the solution to growth and regeneration needs.

Through global partnerships it advocates Garden City Principles where appropriate, working with representatives of Garden Cities from across the world, professional organisations, land owners, local, regional and national government, universities, academics and researchers and those involved in building new settlements today and in the future. The focus is on creating great places to live and work.