As a centre for learning about Garden Cities, the Institute undertakes an increasingly wide range of high quality academic and applied research. It facilitates discussion and debate, with seminars and publications, to contribute to the wider study of planning, housing, communities, and consideration of the Garden City Model as part of the solution.

Research is focused on several workstreams including learning from the past, communities, building technologies, delivery, and the stewardship of Garden Cities. Research will be published regularly to help support greater understanding of the lessons from Garden Cities around the world.

Under the auspices of the Institute’s Academic Director, Dr Susan Parham, from our lead academic partner, the University of Hertfordshire, the Institute is conducting or planning research on a wide range of themes including the history, heritage and contemporary practice of Garden Cities; their architecture, design and urbanism; the impact of the wider context of planned settlements; the nature and likely future of Garden Cities worldwide; the stewardship, governance and delivery aspects of managing Garden Cities for community benefit; the sustainability of Garden Cities and more.

The Institute’s research is intended to underpin understanding and knowledge about Garden Cities and their wider social, economic, environmental, historical and contemporary context.

There is a particular emphasis on the cultural, social, and community components of the Garden City Model, to advance the debate on future planned settlements and retrofitting existing places, and widen the focus beyond master planning.