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Dr Susan Parham, Academic Director of the Garden Cities Institute

The run up to Christmas is always a rather hectic one and December was a busy period for the Institute and in the wider world of garden cities.


Well it’s been a cold month with a sense that winter is now about to get going and a definite need to rug up for walking around Letchworth. We’ve reached the end of ‘dark Autumn’ as it shades into winter but at least the prospect of Christmas is there to cheer things up a bit.


Hello!  I hope you have all had a great September and enjoyed the mostly warm weather we have been experiencing.


International Garden Cities Exhibition Curator, Josh Tidy, recently paid a visit to one of the many places all over the world which were inspired by Ebenezer Howard’s Garden City idea - the Cite-Jardin of Suresnes, on the Western fringes of Paris.


Hello. I’m Susan Parham and I work at the International Garden Cities Institute as its academic director. This is the first of what will be a regular research update from me about the Institute, so it’s a bit longer than these will be in future!

Dand Cruickshank (left) with Josh Tidy at the Institute

The Institute is to feature in a documentary on BBC Radio 4, exploring whether garden cities are the answer to our housing crisis or not and whether Ebenezer Howard’s original philosophy still works today.

Stephen Ward at the launch in the Institute gardens

Stephen Ward, Professor of Planning History at Oxford Brookes University, talked about his latest research into the legacy of Ebenezer Howard, at the International Garden Cities Institute.

Welwyn Garden City Parkway, UK

Garden Cities and Suburbs, Villages and Towns all got a mention in the UK Government’s annual Budget and a prospectus published at the same time, Locally-Led Garden Villages, Towns and Cities.


We were disappointed to read the article on Healthy New Towns and the Garden City movement (Healthy towns alone won’t cure the ills of urban planning), by Simon Jenkins in The Guardian.


More than two dozen University of Hertfordshire academics attended a Garden Cities research workshop this week to discuss opportunities to work with the International Garden Cities Institute.

David Ames, Stephan Sadoux and Dr Susan Parham

Masters and research students from Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Grenoble (ENSAG) visited the International Garden Cities Institute today.