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Visitors from Greentown and Bluetown development companies

Through our continued partnership with the China Design Centre and the TCPA, we were delighted to host a second group of visitors from Greentown and Bluetown Development Companies, based in Hangzhou.


Like a number of other South American countries, Argentina’s early to mid-twentieth century urban development was influenced by the garden city movement – and made a unique contribution to it.


Starting in October 2017, the IGCI will be hosting a PhD Student working on delivering a healthy and sustainable food economy in Letchworth Garden City.


We've just launched the latest in our series of leaflets on Garden Cities around the world, looking at the influence of the Garden City Movement in Brazil.

Jardim America

Garden Cities in Brazil

The Garden City movement was highly influential across South America and in Brazil produced some notable examples of garden city inspired settlements.


The Garden Cities Institute's Academic Director, Susan Parham, recently contributed to the following articles in the Environment Journal on garden villages.

Don Mills

Garden Cities in Canada

In Canada, the Garden City movement inspired a number of different settlements. Most were based around industrialists rather than a need to manage population or address issues of social reform.

Autumn has arrived in the Garden City

Well autumn is really with us now. As a reminder, a perfectly gold toned leaf fell into my bag in a precisely executed dive as I walked to the bus the other day - just in case I hadn't got the memo.

Dr Susan Parham, Academic Director, Garden Cities Institute

I hope everyone has had an excellent and restful holiday. On mine I had the chance to walk around the planned town of Dinard in Brittany which has some placemaking connections to the way garden cities were designed.

Letchworth Garden City - a model new town

A group from the Korea Planners Association visited the Institute and Letchworth Garden City to learn lessons to help manage declining new towns around the capital Seoul.

Dr Susan Parham at the launch of Garden Cities - Why Not?

Government funding for infrastructure and private finance from pension funds could support a new wave of Garden Cities to help a generation of young people locked out of home ownership, according to new research launched today.