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Hello! Well winter is really upon us now, and as I type this I can see dark bare tree branches from my window and a grey and gloomy November sky.


Academic director’s blog - August September 2018


Hello!  I hope your summer is going well and you are not too hot. There has been some pretty intense heat since I last wrote and I’ve been clinging to the shade and wearing my broad brimmed straw hat a fair bit.


Well, summer is starting to make its presence felt here at the International Garden Cities Institute.


Hello! It seems spring has sprung (ish). It’s cold and wet while I write this but the blossom is out and new green leaves are making an appearance: always a welcome transition after the long darkness of winter.


Hello! In my last blog I foreshadowed our first very welcome steps into spring but it seems I was a little precipitate! More snow is forecast as I write this blog in mid March 2018 so the wait for warmth and green shoots continues.


I hope you all had a restful Christmas period and avoided the dreaded flu which seems particularly bad this year. For me it’s reached that stage of winter when you start to think – well this has been going on for long enough now.


Hello! Well, the last vestiges of autumn seem to be departing now. It’s been really cold, with snow falling and icy pavements underfoot, while shorter days provide a foretaste of deeper winter to come.


Hello!  I hope your autumn is progressing well. I am enjoying the deepening autumn colours and the slightly melancholy, reflective pleasure of walking on wet, leaf strewn footpaths as we inevitably edge towards winter.


Hello! September has come and gone already – with some gorgeous autumn leaves about – but also, as we enter October, there’s been some oddly warm weather as we experience the tail end of hurricanes which have devastated other parts of the globe.

By Chad Sparkes from Kissimmee,Florida, United States - Beautiful Day For A Stroll, CC BY 2.0,

Celebration, Florida

Wherever you may travel around the world, chances are that you are never too far away from a place that has been influenced by the principles of Ebenezer Howard and the Garden City Movement.

Hello! Welcome to my combined July and August blog from the International Garden Cities Institute. I hope you have enjoyed the holiday season, and perhaps like me you are just back at work and picking up all the threads (which includes dealing with a lot of email and trying to remember all the things you said you’d do before you went away on leave)