Hamilton County, Ohio, United States

Greenhills is one of three government sponsored ‘greenbelt’ communities.
The Federal Government’s Resettlement Administration had three main objectives:
- to demonstrate a new kind of suburban community which combined both city and country life,
- to provide good housing at reasonable rents
- to provide jobs to unemployed workers.
Greenhills design favoured lengthy cul-de-sacs and circular drives which resulted in a less compact road layout, which rendered it less pedestrian friendly.

The homes shared a common site design and building plan. They were built close to the curb, with a minimal front yard. Instead, the emphasis was put on having a larger back garden. This provided an improved environment for playing and gardening, as well as evoking the wide-open feel of the country. (
Greenhills was listed in the National Register of Historic Places on January 12, 1989

Settlement/development timeline 
Built between 1929-39

Original master planner and any other critical master planning, design and architects 
Planned by Justin R. Hartzog and William A. Strong working with Roland A. Wank and G. Frank Cordner

Architectural Style/qualities  
Colonial Revival, Modern Movement and International Style
Each “Original” unit has between one and four bedrooms of modest to small size. A single bathroom is located on the second floor, excluding the honeymoon suites which are only 1 story high. All have an eat-in kitchen or a kitchen with a small dinette, a utility room, and a modest sized living room with large, natural wood beams. An innovation for its time, the wood sub floor of the second floor served as the ceiling – cutting back on the expense of an extra ceiling layer.(

Settlement Size: 
5930 acres
1660 homes

3,615 (2010)
Governance arrangements: 
Greenhills, Ohio is a municipal corporation governed by a Charter with a “Mayor-Council-Manager” form of government.
The Mayor presides at meetings of Council.  All legislative power is vested in the Council, except as otherwise provided by the Village Charter and the Constitution of the State of Ohio.

Other notable features that reflect Garden City Principles 

generous green space linked to the wider natural environment, including a surrounding belt of countryside to prevent sprawl,

well connected and biodiversity rich public parks, and  a mix of public and private networks of well-managed, high-quality gardens, tree-lined streets and open spaces

a strong local jobs offer in the Garden City itself, with a variety of employment opportunities within easy commuting distance of homes

strong vision, leadership and community engagement

mixed-tenure homes and housing types that are affordable for ordinary people

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