A Garden Cities and Food PhD Studentship

Starting in October 2017, the IGCI will be hosting a PhD Student working on delivering a healthy and sustainable food economy in Letchworth Garden City. The work they will do will help directly connect Ebenezer Howard’s original principles and proposals in relation to the food economy to the current and future functioning of the town, and Letchworth’s role as an exemplar Garden City. The aim of the project is to underpin and improve the economic base of Letchworth Garden City in relation to food: applying planning, governance and policy tools which are of practical benefit to the townspeople and their health and well being, and the sustainability of the community and its environment.

The student will spend the first year working in Letchworth identifying and defining the specific project needs for the LGCHF under the direction of David Ames, Head of Heritage and Strategic Planning at LGCHF, and with Dr Susan Parham, Academic Director at the International Garden Cities Institute. They will be formally part of the University’s Centre for Agriculture, Food and Environmental Management (CAFEM) under the direction of CAFEM’s director, Prof David Barling.

This four year PhD studentship is being jointly funded by the University of Hertfordshire (through the Hertfordshire Local Economic Partnership), and the Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation.  Anyone interested in applying should follow this link to details about how to apply.