Walton County, Florida, USA

Developed by Robert S. Davis, initially intended as a vacation retreat for employees of his family’s company. Davis had the aim of building a town based around a relaxed lifestyle and communal spirit. The focus of the community was the central square with its public amenities. Seaside was developed street by street, by a variety of architects, following a set of design codes, creating eclectic streetscapes. Considered by some to be a ‘resort garden suburb’

1946- Land bought by J.S. Smolian
1978- Land deeded to his grandson
1982- Master Plan and design code drafted

Original master planner and any other critical master planning, design and architects 
Developed by Robert S. Davis, for employees of his family’s company.
Architects Andrés Duany, Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk and Leon Krier.
Additional young architects given opportunity to build there: Steven Holl, Robert Orr, John Massengale, Deborah Berke, Alexander Gorlin and Melanie Taylor

Architectural style/qualities: 
Individual housing units in Seaside are required to be different from other buildings, with designs ranging from styles such as Victorian, Neoclassical, Modern, Postmodern, and Deconstructivism

Settlement size: 
350 dwellings

Governance arrangements:
Seaside is privately owned, the municipal government does not have jurisdiction over Seaside

Other notable features that reflect Garden City Principles 

strong local cultural, recreational and shopping facilities in walkable neighbourhood

beautifully and imaginatively designed homes with gardens, combining the very best of town and country living to create healthy homes in vibrant communities

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